Craig Mitchell Testifies on Religious Freedom Before House Committee

My colleague at Southwestern, Dr. Craig Mitchell, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, appeared with other clergy before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform today (he sits on the far right on the panel in the photo). Their testimony was sought by the committee to discuss the question of whether the mandate to provide contraception in the Affordable Care Act violates religious liberty.

The video is lengthy, but it is worth at least your perusal. Each of the members of the clergy who appeared spoke of the fundamental nature of religious liberty in America, and the fact that this basic right ought not be trifled with in the name of health care. Stress was laid also on the fact that this issue touches every American, and is not a political issue or an opportunity to gain the political upper hand.

Every American should be paying attention to these debates. The stakes are extraordinarily high when it comes to the question of whether or not the government has the power to dictate policy that violates the individual right of the free exercise of religious conviction by bureaucratic fiat.

Dr. Mitchell’s opening statements begin at 57:37. I’ll admit that watching this video won’t be that entertaining for you, but its importance far exceeds the best episode of “The Office.”

See the video here.


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