Does it Matter What I Wear to Church??

Josh Bush, son of the late L. Russ Bush, III, is one of the most insightful thinkers I know. He gets it from his dad. He is a chemical engineer, having earned his Ph.D. from Texas A&M. His blog, “Latch onto This,” contains several well written and persuasive posts on a host of issues.

In this particular post, Bush takes on a somewhat controversial topic. It used to be more controversial than it is now, because it seems that the only people wearing suits to church are old people and visitors. Regular attenders at any one church usually are dressed pretty casual, at least in Baptist churches.

Does it matter what we wear to church? Does God care about such things? Should we care? Here is a taste of Josh’s post:

People seem to forget that your clothing speaks.  Clothing is not personal.  Clothing is what you are showing everyone else.  If you follow the warnings of the previous scripture references, it will show up in your clothing.  Non-verbal communication is still important when you go to church.  The apostle Paul obviously thought non-verbal communcation as it applies to clothing absolutely did matter.


One response to “Does it Matter What I Wear to Church??

  1. Well let's think about this…Would God exactly approve if we showed up dressed like prostitutes? Well yeah. Even if you don't think it's wrong, it is, the BIble emphasizes that there are certain things only a husband and wife can see. What about t-shirts with crude language on them? Yeah, he tells us not to swear (forgive me for not giving verses.) But then there's always the "Religious" side of things. Where people HAVE to wear dresses past their ankles, men only can wear suits, and that's taking it to far in the other direction. And ultimately, God knows your heart, He knows why you are dressing the way you do. He knows if you are doing it to be provocative or if you just grow up in a poor home and forgot there were holes in your jeans kinda thing.

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