A Great Teacher is a Mighty Powerful Influence

Each of us can remember (hopefully) at least one teacher who showed an interest in us and inspired us to grow. I am fortunate to remember several teachers from elementary, middle, and high school who were exceptional in their abilities to communicate knowledge and also wonderful mentors. Ms. Pringle (who I tracked down via Google and email last year–she’s still teaching!), my ninth grade algebra teacher; Ms. Wright, my eleventh and twelfth grade English teacher; Dr. Frutiger, my eleventh and twelfth grade history teacher, the first person who inspired me to pursue a Ph.D–all of these teachers were marvelous and made a crucial difference in my life.

Recently, Furman University offered alumni the opportunity to write about a professor that stood out to them in a special way. I wrote about Dr. Marian Strobel, my advisor. Here is the link to my tribute to Dr. Strobel. She still teaches history at Furman, and is an amazing teacher, mentor, and friend. We still keep in touch from time to time via email.

I hope and pray that I may be an inspiration to students. It is my goal as a teacher to light a fire in students’ hearts and minds, as well as to be available to them as a resource for whatever they may need. As much as I desire to be for them an original scholar and an effective communicator, I want to be a pastor to them also. I am thankful for the great teachers that God has placed in my own path over the years, and I pray that some of the students God has given me over the past twenty years may look back on me with some of the same gratitude.

2 responses to “A Great Teacher is a Mighty Powerful Influence

  1. As a teacher myself (of violin), I think back to my own music teachers in an effort to teach effectively and enjoyably. I remember the encouragement, love, and passion for music that shone (and still shine) through them and try to impart those same things to my own students. They are the ones whose examples have shown me how to teach and have inspired me to make music my career.The Omnibus class you taught last year was my favorite class. The greatest lesson you taught me was to read critically. I have/had a tendency to read things and accept them unless they are clearly heretical or in opposition to the views I hold. Your class opened my eyes to that in particular and to other matters as well. I thank you so much for the influence you have had on me and the lessons you taught.

  2. Thank you, sweet Haley!

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