L. Russ Bush on Science and Faith

It’s time again to consult Dr. Bush on an important issue in apologetics. In this post, Dr. Bush wrote about intelligent design, the relationship of science and faith, and the honest search for truth that both science and faith help to facilitate.

Dr. Bush was a philosopher of religion and history, but he almost became a scientist. When he was a student in the late 60s at Mississippi College, Bush had at first planned on studying chemistry. While he did not end up pursuing a career as a professional scientist, chemistry, biology, and physics remained a fascination of his for all his life. Anyone who had Dr. Bush as a student can remember how he incorporated his love of science into his love for philosophy and theology, as well as his familiarization with current research and his ability to integrate science with the Christian faith seemingly without much effort.

The following is a selection from his blog entitled “Intelligent Design: A Way of Looking.” In this post, Bush calls us to a search for truth that is marked by integrity. Any scientific investigation must not deny rationality, and must follow where the evidence leads. The same is true with theology. Here is a taste:

It is not good science to ignore the beauty of an organism simply because beauty is a philosophical category rather than a strictly empirical one. It is not good science to de-emphasize the complexity of an organism for fear that someone might perceive that complexity as an evidence of design. The affirmation of design is in no way a hindrance to the examination of the data. No one knows (from the Bible or any religious book) what must be the features of some biological organism prior to actually looking at the organism. Religious believers are motivated to speak the truth, to take care in their work, and to be honest about their discoveries. Nothing about intelligent design theory should lead anyone to give up good scientific observation and practice.

You can read the entire post here. It is the second post on the page.


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