John Fea to Speak in Houston

Summer is supposed to offer a bit of a break for teachers and professors, but this summer has been quite busy for us here in Houston, Texas. After leading a short men’s retreat (21 mile hike in the Ramsey’s Draft Wilderness in 11 hours) and preaching at First Baptist Church in Charlottesville, VA, and attending Acton University in Grand Rapids, MI, I am looking forward to welcoming John Fea to Houston. He will be speaking to the students at the SWBTS Extension at the Darrington Unit on his book Was America Founded as a Christian Nation. He will also be presenting at North Oaks Baptist Church, where he will also be signing books. If you are in the Houston area June 29, you should plan on attending the event at North Oaks from 9-12:00.

If you’d like to hear Dr. Fea’s presentation at the Darrington SWBTS Extension, you’ll have to make arrangements for an extended stay at Darrington. That involves profound complications. I recommend you come see and hear him at North Oaks!


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