John Fea Writes on His Visit to Darrington

John Fea speaking at North Oaks Baptist Church

It was a huge honor to host John Fea of Messiah College to Houston this past weekend. I had a wealth of time to spend in conversation with John while he was here. We also had the privilege of having John over to our house for dinner. My girls had their opportunity to “show off” while John (who also is father to two girls) enthusiastically and sincerely played along! John also gave me great advice on how I am approaching American exceptionalism for my second book.

Last Friday, John spoke to the inmate students at the Southwestern Seminary Darrington Unit extension. He writes about his experiences on his blog here. His presentation was excellent, and the students were deeply engaged. The students were thrilled by his visit, and treated him like royalty.

John also spoke to the congregation at North Oaks Baptist Church. Here, he gave another great presentation, and the folks presented him with good questions and very nice feedback. We sold about fifty copies of Was America Founded, and John gave a book signing.

Thank you, John, so much for coming. You have been a wonderful mentor to me, and a good friend.


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