Pennsylvania and Maryland Bound

ImageNext week, I’ll be off to the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in Baltimore. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, hearing the latest in theological and church-historical research, and presenting a paper of my own. Here are a few interesting titles that are beckoning me:

“Our Bonhoeffer? Why He is an Evangelical (and Why We Need Him),” Stephen J. Nichols

“The Clash of Ambitions: Inerrancy, Academic Witness, and the Neo-Evangelical Legacy,” Owen Strachan

“The Bible Made Impossible? A Response to Christian Smith,” Glenn R. Kreider

“When Inerrancy Failed: Twentieth Century Evangelicals and Race in America,” Miles S. Mulliin

“God is True and the Serpent is a Liar: Ireneaus’ Intertextual Readings of Genesis 2-3,” Stephen Presley

“Online Spiritual Formation: A Defense of the Incarnational Model,” Sten-Erik Armitage

“An Alternative to Universal and Limited Atonement,” John Hammett

I will be presenting a summary of my work on American exceptionalism in a paper entitled, “American Pietas: Considering the Theological Problem of American Exceptionalism.” This will be the first time I test my thesis, and I’m looking forward to the feedback.

In addition to attending ETS, I will be heading to Lancaster and Mechanicsburg, PA. My friend Bruce Etter is producing a classical Christian curriculum for middle and high school students for Veritas Press. Bruce, John Fea of Messiah College, and I will be working together on units on the social contract theory of Jean Jacques Rousseau, the Federalist Papers, and the Christian America thesis.

It’s going to be a fun week! If you’ll be attending ETS, let me know!

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