Want to Publish? Build Relationships

55327_girl-writing_lgElizabeth Covart over at Uncommonplace Book graciously posted an article I wrote on networking. Dr. Covart is an early American historian and her blog is really fascinating. She covers issues in early American history, but she also writes on practical matters of interest for teachers and scholars. Uncommonplace Book is listed in my blogroll (“The Yarn”) on the right side of your screen.

Here is a portion of the article:

“How can I get my ideas published in book form?”

This burning question can sometimes animate a young scholar’s mind, body, and soul for months, sometimes years.

For most new Ph.D.s, the dissertation represents the deepest and widest river of writing and scholarship they have ever crossed.

Therefore, the question of how a new Ph.D. can get their dissertation published is not only natural, it is expected.

In my experience, personal and professional connections go a long way toward getting your revised dissertation published.

Just as significant to these connections are the questions that young scholars should ask themselves:

  • Whom do I know?

  • Do people respect my work?

  • Do others like me on a personal level?

  • Am I willing to ask my connections for help?

  • How willing am I to market myself to people who do not know me?

  • Am I willing to adapt my work, within sensible limits, to see it published?

She will be running two more articles from me in the next month or so. Thanks, Liz!


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