Need Help Establishing Your Web Presence?


If so, you should go over to Liz Covart’s website. Liz is an early American historian who possesses a precious asset–the ability as a scholar to bring history to public audiences in an engaging way. She also is a consultant helping writers get their own messages out through a strong and varied presence on the interwebs.

Liz has helped me a lot in the past couple of months. She has graciously allowed me to write some guest posts on her blog (here and here), and in the process, has given me some valuable exposure and advice on writing blog posts. (My paragraphs are usually way too long!)

Her blog, Uncommonplace Book, is a resource for both professional historians and folks who just love history, particularly the history of the US revolutionary and early national periods.

Go check out her website and her blog, and if you need some help branding your work on the web, Liz is definitely your go-to person. I for one will be seeking her advice when my book on American exceptionalism comes out early next year.


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