Twenty Six Days of African American History


My good friend Arthur Croswell (he’d tell you to call him “Cros”) writes weekly posts at his blog entitled “Wednesday’s Word.” Cros is a software engineer in Charlottesville, VA and a 20-year Air Force veteran. I’ve known Cros for nearly a decade now, and I am a better man because of his influence in my life.

This past February, Cros posted a short article on African American history on his Facebook page just about every day. Cros is an African American with a keen interest in his own heritage, but also wanted to do his part to give a little historical perspective to everyone in his circle of friends and family no matter their racial identity. I found his daily posts to be informative, helpful, and thought provoking. Certain of his posts stuck with me all day long.

Some of the topics of Cros’ posts were the beginnings of the slave trade, slavery in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, German Quaker resistance to slavery, African American music, the Stono Rebellion, the American Colonization Society, Henry Box Brown, the African Grove Theatre, and slaves’ self worth. Each post is concise and focused, opening the door to the reader for deeper exploration. Teachers may find Cros’ posts valuable for whetting their students’ appetites for further reading.

You can find Cros’ posts at his blog, Wednesday’s Word.


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