Off to the HBU Philosophy Conference


Looking forward to attending the fourth annual philosophy conference at Houston Baptist University tomorrow through Saturday. I have been enjoying this conference every year but the first one, and looking at the schedule of papers to be presented, I can see that the trend is going to continue.

This year, the conference theme is “Religion, Science, and the Intellectual Virtues.” None other than Jay Wood of Wheaton College will be the keynote speaker, and I’m very much looking forward to hearing his remarks. I’m a big fan of his introduction to epistemology entitled Epistemology: Becoming Intellectually Virtuous, which is part of the Contours of Christian Philosophy series published by IVP Academic. Dr. Wood will be giving a lecture Friday evening entitled “How Is Your Intellectual Appetite?” and Saturday afternoon entitled “Intellectual Humility and Scientific Inquiry.”

Here are a few of the paper presentations I am hoping to attend:

John Laing, “Calvinism, Natural Knowledge and Fatalism,” Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

John Macias, “A Defense of the Thomistic Account of Divine Omniscience,” University of St. Thomas

Ben Arbor, “Intellectual Idolatry: On the Incompatibility of Scientific Realism, Methodological Naturalism, and Christian Intellectual Virtues,” University of Bristol

David T. Echelbarger, “Four Virtues of Teaching the Vices,” Baylor University

Shannon Holzer, “The Definition of Rights and Same-Sex Marriage,” HBU

Mike Keas, “Intellectual and Theoretical Virtues in Civil Discourse: Science, Religion, and the Public Square,” College at Southwestern

I’ll be presenting a paper entitled “Exceptionalism as an Aspect of Civil Religion.” Should be a lot of fun.



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