Digital Preservation of Significant Artifacts

411940_300Head over to John Fea’s Way of Improvement Leads Home to watch and listen to some really interesting pieces preserved by the Library of Congress and British Pathe. John has been posting a lot of cool stuff in the past few weeks, and I’ve really been enjoying the material he’s been sharing.

His most recent post is a 1915 recording of Homer Rodeheaver singing the hymn “Since Jesus Came Into My Heart.” Great old hymn. There’s also a recording of “He Leadeth Me,” one of my personal favorites.

You can check out a video clip of Eisenhower’s trip to England in 1959, window washers on the Empire State building in 1938, and even the “world’s first mobile phone,” from 1922.

There’s a lot more to see from British Pathe and the Library of Congress on John’s blog. I also want to recommend you check out the video series he produces called “Virtual Office Hours.” Whether you’re a student, a teacher, a professor, or a history buff, you’ll enjoy watching these videos. John is such a versatile scholar that there really is something for everyone. So check it out!


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