Writing for Avelist

I started as a staff writer for Avelist last week, and have posted some content. Avelist is a tool for anyone looking for practical information on just about any topic, ranging from building a career, starting a business, managing finances, or taking a vacation on a budget.

Now, I realize, I know absolutely nothing about much of the content on Avelist–in fact, I find it quite useful for myself on a lot of day to day issues. I will be writing about things that are interesting to me, and hopefully helpful to others–like writing, blogging, and teaching. I’m also going to be posting content related to the outdoors–stuff on orienteering, wilderness survival, gear, and the like. The things I’ll post will be practical, and will be aimed at an audience of folks from the ages of 18-35.

I was introduced to Avelist by my friend Jody Porowski, a former student of mine years ago when I was teaching 5th grade in Raleigh, North Carolina. Jody is enormously gifted–she had been working as a social media analyst for SAS in Raleigh (Fortune magazine’s #2 best company to work for), after having graduated from UNC Chapel Hill. She quit her job to launch Avelist about two years ago, and things are looking very good (see here and here).

Avelist is a great resource, and a good place for anyone to keep and share information that can be helpful to others. I’m looking forward to writing for them!

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