Christian Historians and Social Media


At the recent gathering of the Conference on Faith and History last week at the sublime Pepperdine University campus, one of the highlights was a panel on Christian historians and social media. Jonathan Den Hartog of the University of Northwestern chaired the panel, which featured John Fea of Messiah College, Chris Gehrz of Bethel University, and Paul Putz of Baylor University. I have each of these historians’ blogs featured on The Yarn section (right hand panel), my list of blogs I frequent. I have also linked to each of these historians’ writings from time to time in my own posts.

The panel presentations and subsequent discussions were incredibly helpful. The great thing is, though, that you don’t have to read my poor attempts at summarizing their remarks. Each of them will be following up on the panel through posts of their own, which are forthcoming over the next week or so.

Jonathan Den Hartog just included his introductory remarks over at Historical Conversations. Keep an eye out for posts coming from Fea, Gehrz, and Putz.

As the CFH is meeting here at Pepperdine, we are considering the conference theme of “Christian Historians and Their Publics.” In thinking about this topic, it seemed to me that a topic on “Christian Historians and Social Media” would be especially useful. The presence of social media (blogs, facebook, twitter, instagram, and others) has exploded in the past decade. This growing phenomenon is a reality not only for us, but for our students in the classroom, our families, and the people we see weekly in our congregations. How ought we to approach this space of cultural activity?



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