Furman and Mount St Mary’s Bound

PaladinsLogo.svgI’ve been looking forward to traveling back to Furman University, my dear old alma mater, for another Tocqueville Lecture. Last year, I had the opportunity to listen to Wilfred McClay’s lecture on the “Tocquevillian Moment.” This year, I get to listen to Robert George of Princteon University and Cornel West–formerly of Princeton, but now of Union Theological Seminary. The two will discuss “Christianity and American Politics.” I’ve been looking forward to attending this lecture–and to having the chance to meet both of them–for months now. I simply cannot wait until next Thursday.

Not only do I get to attend this lecture, but I am going to be bringing two good friends along with me to show Furman off and enjoy the lecture–Trey Dimsdale and Rob Collingsworth. Trey is a PhD student at Southwestern studying ethics and we both serve as associate directors of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement. Rob recently finished his MDiv at Southwestern, and serves the Land Center as a paid intern. He will be starting PhD work soon, also in ethics.

The week after next, I travel to Mount St. Mary’s University to attend the Ciceronian Society Meeting. I’ll be presenting a paper entitled, “Civil Religion, Exceptionalism, and Patriotism: A Consideration in Propriety.” In the paper, I’ll be pitching the thesis of my exceptionalism book, which is coming out this fall.

I built in some extra time to drive over to Antietam and possibly also to Gettysburg, two of my favorite battlefield sites. Looking forward to a good trip, complete with rich conversations with good friends, meeting some new friends, and maybe a little hero worship, too.


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