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Syllabus-Writing Time of Year Again


It’s been a wonderful summer, but the time has come to turn our attention to the beginning of the academic year. It’s bittersweet–while I’m looking forward to classes starting and being with my students, I sure did enjoy the time off with my family and friends.

This is going to be a busy semester, teaching Western Civ I, Survey of Church History, Principles and Structure of American Politics, Contemporary Issues in American Culture, and of course, my one hour Orienteering course. I’m also leading a Ph.D. seminar on Marxism, which I’m very excited about.

We’ll also be taking it on the road this fall to some fun conferences.

  • October 9-10: HBCU Symposium at Fisk University. I’ll be joining Edward Carson and Damany Fisher on a Du Bois panel. My paper is on Du Bois and Crèvecoeur on Americanism.
  • October 15-18: Society for US Intellectual History in Washington, DC. Will be on a panel with Seth Bartee, Gracy Olmstead, Dan McCarthy, Patrick Deneen, Chad Pecknold, and Randy Boyagoda discussing “Conservatism After the Age of Buckley.” I’ll be speaking on the relationship between evangelicals and the American conservative tradition.
  • November 18-21: Evangelical Theological Society in Atlanta, GA. Looking forward to joining Paul Helseth, Andrew MacDonald, J. Ryan West, Rob Caldwell, Glenn Kreider, and Miles Mullin as we discuss “City on a Hill: Conflict, Contest, Commision, and Common Sense.” I’ll speak on John Foster Dulles’ vision of the American divine commission to defeat godless Communism and expand American democracy worldwide.

As Associate Director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement here at Southwestern, I also have the privilege of coordinating our three Land Center luncheons for the fall. We’ll be hosting Seth Bartee, Tucker Dorsey, and John Fea, who will be talking about faith and economics, Christian civic engagement in elected office, and the role of history in civic engagement respectively. If you’re in the Houston area this fall, stop by on any of these dates to join us–

  • September 14–Seth Bartee, Visiting Scholar, The Kirk Center and Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies
  • October 26–Tucker Dorsey, Baldwin County, Alabama Commissioner, District 3
  • November 30–John Fea, Professor of History and Chair of the History Department, Messiah College