On the Road with American Exceptionalism


Over the next few months, I’m thrilled to be giving interviews and talks on American Exceptionalism and Civil Religion: Reassessing the History of an Idea. I’ll be heading to Atlanta next week to the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society to present on John Foster Dulles and the exceptionalist view of an American foreign policy based on a sense of a divine calling. Just after that in early December, I’ll be in Ft. Worth at SWBTS’s main campus to speak at the Land Center. In January, I’ll be giving a presentation on the book and having a book signing at North Oaks Baptist Church in Spring, Texas. I’ll also be heading up to The Brooks School in Massachusetts to give a talk on the book and co-teach a course on race and inequality with Edward Carson (The Professor). And in April, I’ll be speaking at Sienna Ranch Baptist Church in Missouri City, Texas.

The book seems to be doing well and I’ve had quite a bit of feedback on it in the short time it has been out. I have much to be encouraged about and thankful for in that regard. If your school, church, civic organization, media outlet, or community group would like to set up a speaking engagement, I’d be honored to come. See the Speaking page in the menu above for my full schedule, and contact me at johndwilsey@gmail.com. I hope that the book can make a difference, and I look forward to much constructive engagement.

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