On Woodward Mountain looking N to Shedhorn and Sphinx Mountains, Madison Range, Montana

On Woodward Mountain looking N to Shedhorn and Sphinx Mountains, Madison Range, Montana

“I want again to breathe your free air. I expect it will mend my Constitution and confirm my principles. I have indeed as good an Atmosphere at home as the Climate will allow; but have nothing to brag of as to the State and Liberty of my country. . . . So I [leave you] to pity me and pray for Liberty of Conscience [to revive among us].”
-Thomas Jefferson, to William Bradford of Pennsylvania, January 24, 1774

Posts on To Breathe Your Free Air point to connections between faith and history pertinent to religious freedom, American civil religion, patriotism, and civic engagement. We also address theological issues which touch on trends in churches and the broader culture. And we deal with a range of issues pertinent to academic life, writing and researching, politics, and even some good humor from time to time. Definitely some good humor.

I serve as Assistant Professor of History and Christian Apologetics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary at the Houston campus. My areas of research include religious freedom, American historical theology, American identity, history of Western thought, race in American history, and civil religion.

I live in a home in which I am surrounded by women (my wife and two adorable children). Hank the Cat is the only other male in the house. But who couldn’t love an existence such as that? And when my nose isn’t in a book, it is breathing the free air of the outdoors orienteering and backpacking in Montana, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia (and Texas, if you insist).

Feel free to contact me at johndwilsey@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.


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